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Our Toys

Nature Trail Toys are ever expanding collectible toys that offer kids imaginary spaces to create and play without limitations. Designed to collapse for easy storage, our toys make excellent travel toys, and are also used and loved by pre-schools, schools and child therapists

Lovingly handmade our toys are made with natural materials that are safe for young children to handle. They can be repaired, passed onto others ans safely returned to the earth at the end of their end of use.

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Play Therapy Toys

Wonderful handcrafted toys in Vancouver, used as a medium in which children in play therapy can express themselves. These therapeutically selected items serve as an important role in play therapy as toys that are directly representative of real world items.
The tents are a great occupational therapy toy and an wonderful invitation to play. These therapy toys provide a safe space where a child can safely explore thoughts and feelings. These are large enough to provide ample room to be used either by two children or a therapist and a child.

Educational Toys

Imaginary play will help them to learn eye-hand coordination, spatial skills, counting, pre-math and pre-reading skills, while allowing them to safely express their emotions and feelings. Imaginary play in the child’s early years, lays a strong foundation for the physical, academic, social and emotional well-being that will last a lifetime.

Our handcrafted natural toys are being preferred by some pre-schools over those of a plastic nature, providing a more gentler, simpler choice of toy, and opening up more opportunities in imaginary play. As one teacher said to me "the handcrafted toy opens up the child to imagine what they in turn can create". Our toys are used in a variety of ways by Pre-school teachers including circle time, stations , outdoor play and sand play.

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Family Toys

What a wonderful investment! Imaginary play of a children ranges from 2 to 12 years. This toy will go the distance, providing a great sacred play space with age appropriate toys. A wonderful educational toy, the tents are opened to both boys and girls to ensure boys have the opportunity to have a space to use figurines , car, trucks and trains to reenact their stories, A space which isn't a dolls house, but an open space for them to imagine anything. These handcrafted tents come in a variety of fabrics.
Another important and wonderful feature of the toys are their compact size. The tents collapse flat making them easily stored or put in the bottom of a suitcase or carry on, ready to play with on the road or an airport or maybe the beach.. Where will your tent travel to?

Imaginary Play Toys for Children

My creations started with the tiny tents, hand crafted from fabric and wood, and have further evolved to include some great imaginary play accessory items including, sleeping bags, bendy dolls and peg dolls. Other handcrafted items include fire places, play mats, canoes, wands and trees all made from felt.

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Out and About

You will find C & G Nature Trails out at Farmers Markets in Vancouver, at Early Childhood conferences, and at lots of special events in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

Events where you will find us at:

  • ECEBC 48th Annual conference Vancouver 11-13 April 2019
  • ECE Conference Ridge Medeows College 4 May 2019
  • Making Tomorrow Conference Victoria 25 May 2019
  • Victoria Harbourside Vendor May to September 2019
  • Capilano University ECE Conference 28th September 2019

  • Testimonials

    Wonderful pieces just wanted to grap them through the computer - Violet Jessen Instructor ECCE Program. Schoolof Education and Childhood studies Capilano University Canada

    My tent is being put to good use, ordered two more, Perfect! - Dr Raazhan Rae-Seebach, R. Psych

    The teachers and children are loving the addidtion to our programs - Gina Ho Director of child Care Services- West Richmond Community Centre

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